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Bid Type:  RFP
Bid Number:  16-103
Bid Status:  Awarded
Published Date:  Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:30:59 AM (EDT)
Bid Closing Date:  Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:30:59 PM (EDT)
Time-frame for delivery or the duration of the contract: 
Electronic Auctions:  Not Applicable
Language for Bid Submissions:  English unless specified in the bid document
Submission Type:  Online Submissions Only
Submission Address: 
Public Opening: 

The purpose of the Civic Accelerator is to accelerate the development of solutions to challenging municipal issues through partnerships between the City of Guelph and companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The City is seeking Proposals from qualified participants to provide the following Goods and Services in respect of the Civic Accelerator Program:

a.Leak detection / smart water meter solution sold directly to the consumer

b. Solution that manages parking and parking spaces

c. Solution that effectively notifies the public of upcoming planning decisions

Bid Document Access:  Bid document preview, bid opportunity, and award notices are available on the site free of charge. Proponents are not required to register for a bid opportunity prior to previewing the bid documents. To obtain an unsecured version of the bid document and/or to participate in this opportunity, an annual or a per bid fee must be paid (annual fee - $165, per bid fee - $45).
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  • Information Technology


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